Books and Me

I used to blog a long time ago but slipped out of the habit, but I miss sharing my thoughts and having a way to look back at my feelings and ideas about a book. When I stopped blogging I also stopped reading book blogs, and despite watching booktube regularly I miss having a stack of posts to read, especially about the book I’ve just finished.


As a reader, I enjoy a good variety of different styles but find that I often read the same style of books. For this reason I like to be involved in readalongs and challenges,  also these help my toppling TBR pile.

My favourite genre is the broad arch which is literary fiction. In particular I enjoy books with child narrators, novels set in rural settings and often set sometime in the past. I’ve found this year I have a lot more new releases than normal, but this has meant my reading of classics, the 1001 BtRBYD and foreign fiction has fallen by the wayside.

I also love picture books and graphic novels, children and YA novels, historical fiction, magical realism and have even dabbled in Sci-fi and fantasy but not to any great degree.

My most read book, as an adult, is The Time Traveller’s Wife although I haven’t read this in a good many years, coming next would be Jane Eyre. The only link between these two would the relationship, between the stronger man and the naive female, and then the change when the man loses his strength.

My pet hates: Romantic fiction, ugly covers, pink covers, stickers on books and badly written teenager/child conversations.


Mixing genres. And tea, which is always important.

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