Readathons and read-alongs: An October spree

I don’t think I’ve seen such a jam filled bookish week before. I’m taking part in a variety of events from Friday onward, luckily I break up from school (I’m a teacher) for two weeks on Friday so I have plenty of time to fit these great events into my life. My TBR for each of these comes with a fingers crossed that I can get to my books – we’ve just moved and my new library is currently filled with boxes of things to unpack, and my books are under the stairs in a number of Ikea bags 😦 If I can’t get to these I’ll use the books I can reach and my library selection.

First up: On Friday night booktuber Lauren and the Books is hosting the ‘Autumn Cosy Reading Night.’ Readers from across the world spend three hours cosying up with books, blankets and treats. There are no rules whatsoever so it is nice and relaxed, everyone links up on social media between 7-10pm (British time zones)

I joined in with this in the summer edition and focused on just one book, if I have finished my current read (Ruby by Cynthia Bond) I’m planning on tackling one of my library holds but undecided between Ella Gray by David Almond and Fierce Kingdom by Gin Phillips I’ll be snuggling up in my new bedroom, which is painted deep, deep blue with a blanket and candles.

Then: There’s Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon I can’t join in for the whole day as my kitchen should be finished being built so I’ll probably be hefting boxes and buying vegetables again (3 weeks of takeaways and microwave meals have made carrots exciting). I’m planning on reading from 4.30 in the afternoon (everyone starts at 1 here) to 1 or 2 in the morning. I will read whatever I didn’t read for cosy reading night, and I have a few picture books from the library if I need a break.

Finally: Another one of my favourite booktubers, MercysBookishMusings, is hosting The Autumn Readathon from Sunday 22nd till Saturday 28th. This readathon has a number of prompts, you can tackle one or all and overlaps are allowed I’ve put a few options for some due to the current book situation and my indecision.

Prompt 1: Gothic/spooky read – The Loney by Andrew Michael Hurley (which I’m also reading for Jenny King’s Gothic Fiction Readalong 2017) or if I’m running low on time the graphic novel Constantine by Steven T. Seagale.

Prompt 2: Autumnal non-fiction – I’ve already started Hygee by Marie Tourell Soderberg for this (cheating, I know).

Prompt 3: A book set in a cold location – I’m undecided for this one, I’m considering a re-read of Isabel Greenberg’s The Encyclopedia of Early Earth.

Prompt 4: Historical Fiction – If I can get to it (physical and time wise) I’d love to get to Kate Atkinson’s A God in Ruins which I’ve been meaning to read for nearly two years now. If I’m running low on time I’ll try and find something a lot slimmer.

Bonus prompt 1:A short story collection – I’ve got Eight Ghosts from the English Heritage collection out from the library and someone has reserved it so I must get to this.

Bonus Prompt 2: An adult book with a child narrator – for this I’ll be reading My Name is Leon by Kit de Waal.


3 thoughts on “Readathons and read-alongs: An October spree

  1. I’m also planning to participate in Dewey’s 24 Hour Readathon and The Autumn Readathon. Hopefully we won’t burnout from all these bookish events! There are tons of books on my fall TBR, so I’m not worried about finding enough to read, I just need to pare down my choices. I’m really intrigued by Eight Ghosts, and like you I’ve been meaning to read A God in Ruins for a few years now.


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