Caught between 3 books: Currently reading

Today I’m feeling a bit of a push and a pull with my currently reading pile. Usually I have one novel, possibly a short story collection as well, and an audio book on the go. I juggle having three books on the go as the audiobook I only really listen to on the way to and from work, the novel is my main priority and the short stories I pick up when I’m between books or when I force myself to do so.

But at the moment I have one novel and two non-fiction physical books. I keep feeling guilty if I’m reading one and not the other.

In terms of my novel selection I have A God in Ruins by Kate Atkinson on the go. When I pick this book up I love it, but I’m not feeling the pull of it and I don’t know why. I did think it may be because it is chunky but then I normally love thick books, although I haven’t read one in a very long time. Also, when I’m reading this I’m feeling guilty about not reading a non-fiction choice.

Then for Non-fiction November I have two books on the go; Show and Tell by Dilys Evans and Names for the Sea by Sarah Moss. Show and Tell is a very factual book, in the book the author has selected 12 children’s illustrators to show case, he charts their career plus any aspects of their life which influenced their work. This is interesting and I like looking at the images and looking up their other work on the internet, but again there’s no great pull to read it. Whereas, Names for the Sea, Sarah Moss’ autobiographical account of moving her family to Iceland for the year, is the book I’m drawn to read the most.

And, then I’m also feeling guilty as I have that big stack of non-fiction to get to and books from the library, some of which have reserves on them.

And what has all this done to the amount of time I’ve spent reading? It’s lessed it as I’m instead wasting time playing games and watching booktube.

Does anyone else have these moments?


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