#30booksin31days: Update 3

I’m still behind with this challenge. As this was a busy week I picked some shorted books up so I didn’t fall to far behind. Training day at work tomorrow and then off for 2 weeks – I have exam papers to mark but should have plenty of relaxing, reading time so hoping to fix the numbers.

Book 8: The Sleeper and the Spindle by Neil Gaiman – My fiancee and I were discussing fairy tales the other morning and it made me remember I had this book on my shelves that I’d been meaning to reread as I wasn’t keen on it the first time around. I still thought this was just okay as a story, Gaiman takes a fairy tale and twists it but I’ve read better books in this genre. The advantage with this is that it’s a beautiful book with gorgeous artwork and gold embossing.
Book 9: Letter to D by Andre Gorz – I’d owned this book for ages and put of reading it as I thought it would be heartbreaking – Gorz is writing a letter to his wife as she is dying. This beginning and end are upsetting but the middle section is a reflection on their life which was interesting but not what I was expecting.
Book 10: Seconds by Bryan Lee O’Malley – A fun graphic novel about a girl who finds a way to change the decisions she has made. This is my favourite book so far, it was fun, fast paced and exactly what was needed.
Book 11: Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde by R.L Stevenson – I read this for school as I’ll be teaching it in the new year. I enjoyed this this time around and I’m looking forward to teaching it and exploring Darwinism, duality, science fiction, the marginalized baddie etc.
Book 12: Triangle by Mac Barnett – I love kids picture books and usually have a few out from the library as a break from the big stuff. This book takes less than 10 minutes to read so is a cheat but it was great fun. I loved how much expression can be created with just the eyes – I’ve included pictures at the top of the page so you can see. It’s a shame that my nieces and nephews are either too young or too old for this as it’d make a great gift.

I also started and abandoned a few books this week, this challenge is making me more focused on what I actually want to read now – at the beginning I was struggling through books I wasn’t keen on – which is great as I now have a big stack for the charity shop and spaces on my shelves.


One thought on “#30booksin31days: Update 3

  1. You’re doing great! I’ve read 18 books so far but some have been poetry collections, short stories, shorter graphic novels, etc. I think I’ve only read 7 full novels but that’s okay. I’m still reading the books that I’ve been interested in reading which is nice. Good luck with the next few weeks!


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