A Single Man by Christoper Isherwood: Classics Challenge.

For some reason I had always wanted to read this despite knowing nothing about it and having a front cover which is quite masculine. I was in the middle of three books I was struggling with so decided to grab this to read as it’s small and I would have the satisfaction of having finished my first ‘proper’ book of the new year (I finished an audio but it was very short and I’d started it before the year began).

A Single Man is simply the everyday existence of George, a man who is bereaved by the death of his partner Jim but struggles on through life hiding Jim’s death from the neighbours.

As I began reading the novella I struggled through the first few pages which seemed quite a struggle but then the story started: George’s struggles with the neighbour’s children, lying to his friend about dinner, his excitement with the new motorway and a day at work. Every thing was very bland yet by the time he was in college lecturing I was enjoying the story despite the lack of action. This story is more a introspective view of George’s mind and life.

I’m glad that I ticked this one off of the list as I said above I’ve always wanted to read it but I doubt that it’ll stay with me.



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